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Out of Office is the first online remote work event we’ve organised; but it’s certainly not the first time we’ve talked, or put pen to paper to share our thoughts, on remote work.

Check out just some of our people talking and writing on lots of different aspects of remote work over the years.

Watch: Distributed, Open Source, Happiness

By Tom Willmot

Our traditional understanding of motivation is broken. Thankfully the science is now clear. Explore how a culture which embraces remote work in an Open Source environment promotes the real drivers of motivation and ultimately leads to a happy, motivated team.

Catch Tom at Out of Office on dealing with stress in remote teams.

Read: Remote Internships

By Franz Vitulli

One of the most challenging parts of hiring new employees is onboarding and getting new people up to speed with processes, operations and integrating them into the company culture. In remote work, location becomes an additional consideration. Delve into how we do entry level onboarding at Human Made.

Watch: The Remote Agency Toolbox 

By Petya Raykovska

Location independence can be hugely beneficial; but it can also be immensely frustrating if it’s not executed in the right way. Listen to how we, a distributed agency and WordPress VIP partner, do enterprise work for clients in 4 continents with over 30 employees spread across the world.

See Petya’s other talk on lessons she’s learned from a year of location independence.

Read: Lessons I learned on the road as a digital nomad

By Noel Tock

A personal story of digital nomadism and practical tips and advice from an experienced working traveller.

Do you have your own story to share? Or tips you’ve learned along the way? Have questions on remote work? Join us here to start talking to other remote professionals around the world today.

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