‘Toptal Boot Camp: Onboarding with Impact’ by Jennifer Weinmann

Jennifer Weinemann, Out of Office, Onboarding with impact

Join us in welcoming Jennifer Weinmann and her session, ‘Toptal Boot Camp – Onboarding with Impact‘. Jennifer will dive into her presentation on remote team growth at 4.15 pm (GMT) this November 29th at Out of Office.

Toptal Boot Camp – Onboarding with Impact

Join Jen Weinmann as she shares the global challenges in onboarding, training & development, and continual engagement of employees in a fully distributed environment. From the day a team member is hired, to the interactions they’ll have with tenured team members involved in the onboarding process, to building a world-class onboarding program that drives performance and keeps a remote organisation aligned and scalable.

What lessons has Toptal learned on conveying its culture when teams are spread across dozens of countries and every time zone? Jen will share real-life scenarios to help you build your own framework for an amazing onboarding program that will positively impact any remote hyper-growth organisation.

Join us from 4 pm on the day to hear presentations on productivity, team wellbeing, collaboration and operations.

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