Virtual Networking at Out of Office

One of the most valuable parts of every conference is in connecting with other interesting and engaged people.

Out of Office will be streamed online to a global audience this November 29th, and in our quest to provide the best event experience we’re making sure our audience can connect and interact with other audience members, speakers and even the organisers backstage.


The entire event is being streamed on Crowdcast. You’ll need to register to Crowdcast to save your spot and watch the event, and when you do you’ll have access to all of the networking features below.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 06.53.00


Suggest a poll directly in the Crowdcast event, create the questions and answers and submit it to the entire audience at Out of Office.


You can drop questions directly into the event on Crowdcast (you can see one of them in the screenshot above), which can either be answered by another audience member, or by someone from the Out of Office organising team. (And you can up vote questions to show you’re interested in the answer too.)

Everyone behind the scenes at Out of Office works remotely for Human Made so you can be sure you’re always being answered by a remote professional like you 🙂

Live chat

Chat with all the other remote professionals attending Out of Office in a live chat directly in the Crowdcast event. Introduce yourself, just say hi or ask questions related to remote work and lifestyle that others can help with and learn from too.

Get Social

Ta-da! We’re on Twitter & Facebook for all things social. Get in touch with questions for speakers, or questions for us!


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