Out of Office 2017: Announcing the Full Schedule

Out of Office 2017 is back this May 30th, and we’re delighted to announce our full speaker line-up. Join us to hear from experienced professionals from Github, Yonder, Zapier, Hanno, Human Made, and Baremetrics, as they deep dive into the challenges and issues of remote work.

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Kavi Guppta 

Skills, not jobs, will be the currency to compete in the modern workforce. Kavi Guppta walks us through hard and soft skills that will determine how successful you are in a constantly changing job market.

Jeff Robbins

Remote work is different. As we navigate toward the future of work, we will require a new type of management. Staff and managers need to find new ways to build trust, productivity, and mutual happiness despite geographical separation. PIAF is a management concept pioneered by Jeff Robbins, based on a cycle of “purpose,” “information,” “autonomy,” and “feedback.” When remote teams fail, it is usually because they have failed to build trust and good communication. PIAF provides a framework for successful remote teams. Here’s the secret though: it’s also a great method for management in any work environment.

Läila Von Alvesleben

As remote work continues to boom, companies are realising the need to embrace virtual collaboration to attract and retain the best talent. But knowing where to start or making that shift towards going fully remote may not come easy for all companies. More often than not, the focus is spent introducing new tools instead of nurturing the most important ingredient that makes remote work successful: culture. Laïla will introduce the game-changing mindsets and processes that help teams collaborate better remotely and will share the lessons she and her participants have learned from her remote workshops.

Libby Barker

Remote work offers organizations unparalleled opportunities for growth. However, it also raises unique challenges. As more companies and individuals consider and adopt remote working practices, it is important to establish frameworks that will allow teams to effectively communicate across not only projects and roles, but cultures and time zones. With its emphasis on transparency, individual ownership, and rigorous communication, Agile methodologies can be a powerful tool for allowing companies to run effective remote teams. This session will focus on ways your distributed team can implement Agile philosophies and practices to improve team cohesion and productivity.

Joe Stych

When you don’t have a central office, you learn how to work together while you’re apart. 80+ people across 13 time zones collaborate every day to build Zapier, a workflow automation tool. Find out what their team looks for ineffective remote workers, and how they sustain a strong remote culture across the globe.

Lara Owen

From flexible work policies to virtual doctors, a growing number of companies are finding ways to incorporate remote work into their business. But what happens when you mix localized office culture with internationally remote teams? How do you build a company where everyone feels valued and connected? Why should you even consider having offices anymore anyway? Lara Owen, Head of Global Workplace at GitHub, talks about the challenges and successes she’s experienced in building a distributed workforce — and why it’s all worth it.

Josh Pigford 

I’ll talk about how Baremetrics came to be, how it was 10+ years in the making and how working remotely for the 10 years prior set Baremetrics up for success. I’ll cover some of the practical ways to build and manage a remote team as well as how to help each individual on your team succeed in a remote position. I’ll then wrap it up with how we’ve grown our business over the past 3 years.

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