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‘Toptal Boot Camp: Onboarding with Impact’ by Jennifer Weinmann

Join us in welcoming Jennifer Weinmann and her session, ‘Toptal Boot Camp – Onboarding with Impact‘. Jennifer will dive into her presentation on remote team growth at 4.15 pm (GMT) this November 29th at Out of Office. Toptal Boot Camp – Onboarding with Impact Join Jen Weinmann as she shares the global challenges in onboarding, training &…

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Watch Out of Office in a co-working space near you!

As part of our global online experience, we’ve partnered with our friends at Copass to bring a live stream of Out of Office to a co-working space near you. As well as tuning in from the comfort of your own home, Out of Office will be available at the following meet-up spaces so you can get together with…

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‘Dealing with stress in remote teams’ by Tom Willmot

We’re excited to announce Tom Willmot and his session on ‘Dealing with stress in remote teams’. Tom will be presenting his session on team wellbeing at 7.15 pm (GMT) on November 29th at Out of Office. Dealing with stress in remote teams  ‘There are many articles that highlight the benefits of working remotely, including increased flexibility, reduced overhead for employers, improved…

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‘Values of a humane remotee culture’ by Dino Anderson

We’re delighted to introduce Dino Anderson, Organisational Development Consultant, and his presentation ‘Values of a humane remotee culture: empathy, trust and inclusiveness’. Dino will be presenting his session on team collaboration at 5.45pm (GMT) on November 29th at Out of Office. Values of a humane remotee culture: empathy, trust and inclusiveness The impact of our geo-distributed knowledge economy requires that…

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Tell the world you’re attending!

One of the best ways we can learn and continue to share our experiences in remote work, is by bringing remote professionals from around the world together to discuss it. That’s exactly what we’re doing on November 29th, from 4pm (GMT). So if you’re joining us for Out of Office, why not tell your friends about…

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Human Made on Remote Work

Out of Office is the first online remote work event we’ve organised; but it’s certainly not the first time we’ve talked, or put pen to paper to share our thoughts, on remote work. Check out just some of our people talking and writing on lots of different aspects of remote work over the years. Watch: Distributed,…

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Meet the speakers

We’re delighted to introduce you to the speakers who will be sharing their knowledge with you at Out of Office, this November 29th from 4pm (GMT). They represent companies and organisations who have embraced remote work, with teams spread across the world, and each of them brings a unique insight which will help you enrich…

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