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Out of Office is a 100% location independent conference and many of our attendees will be watching from their homes or offices. But it’s also about being part of the global remote working community, and we’re inviting co-working spaces all over the world to organise their own meetups to stream the event and bring their remote communities of professionals together.

Why bother?

The topics covered by Out of Office are close to the heart of most remote workers, covering issues like productivity, onboarding, stress, and teambuilding. It would take a lot of money and organisation to fly speakers from companies like Github, Baremetrics, Toptal, Buffer and Human Made, to your venue to put on a similar event. We have taken care of the content, bringing you world-class speakers talking about important issues. This makes it a great opportunity to engage your community, bringing them together for a meetup to learn, share ideas, and talk about remote work.

Last year, from Nairobi to Lisbon, nine coworking spaces around the world joined us to stream the event live to their communities: take a look at what they did here, here & here.

What you will need

Out of Office is an online event. All you need to run your meetup is:

  1. A projector and screen
  2. A computer
  3. A good internet connection
  4. A meetup space
  5. Your community!

Promoting your meetup

We would love to work with you to generate and implement ideas that promote your meetup and will use our own channels to promote co-working spaces that are streaming the event.

As soon as you have confirmed your meetup, we’ll publish it on our website and broadcast your information on our social media channels and in our media campaigns.

Meetup ideas by time zone

Out of Office is taking place at 4pm GMT and will run for approximately four hours. Here are some ideas for types of meetups you could organise while streaming the event:

Networking breakfast/brunch

San Francisco (UTC -8) 8am – 12pm

Phoenix (UTC -7) 9am – 1pm

Networking lunch

Montreal (UTC -5) 11am – 3pm

New York (UTC -5) 11am – 3pm

Stream the event followed by dinner or drinks

London (UTC) 4pm – 8pm

Berlin ( UTC+1) 5pm – 9pm

Community dinner

Sofia (UTC +2) 6pm – 10pm

Istanbul (UTC +2) 6pm – 10pm

We’d love for communities farther east to run events – if you’re keen to stay up all night do let us know!

If you’d like to discuss ideas for meetups, let our team know.

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